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Our Story

Who We Are...

My name (As you probably already know) is Jørn (Jorn), and I am a -71 model.
My wife`s name is Anne, and she is a – 77 model.
We have 3 wonderful daughters, Victoria, Benedicte and Alexandra.
They are born in 2000, 2004 and 2006.
We all live on a small “farm” in the northern part of Norway, north of The Arctic Circle (Hence the name of our company).
We also have our cat, called Pusi 🙂


My wife Anne works as a specialized nurse, taking care of people with special needs like for example Downs Syndrome, or other disabilities.
Our daughters attend different levels of school as they grow up becoming adults.
We love to travel and in the fairly short summertime we have up here, we ride our motorcycle as often as we can. Will post a few images below 🙂


My Career In Short.

The Grind!

1990 – 2003 (December)
I worked as a Loader / Loadmaster through this time period for an airline called SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System), had a great time through the years in SAS.
Because of cutbacks I decided to quit my job in SAS late 2003 (Probably my best decision ever, as I was just about to run my own business for my first time).


2004 (January) – 2012 (October)
Bought my own bus company late 2003 as I left SAS, and started full time from early January 2004. The company had 2 old buses/minibuses and had a turnover at around NOK 600 000/year at the time.

No employees at the time, just me 🙂
Took the company from a turnover of NOK 600 000/year to having a turnover of NOK 5 500 000/year++ through the years I owned it. Had 10+ employees and myself by the time I decided to sell it and take a break.

A success I am proud of.
The challenge running a traditional company are the workload and 15 – 17 hour workdays all week! It drains you over time, so at last we decided to sell it.


Around the same time I sold my company I had heard the “rumors” about people making their income “online”, some even made their living of it…

So I decided to check it out.
As I started to search and read, learning how to master this new venture I spent a lot of time and some money getting little results.
As many people starting online do, I struggled a lot in the beginning trying to put the pieces together in this online venture.


Finally after a lot of “information overload”, I found this guy named Don with his system / company. From that moment I started learning for real that having a system for marketing was essential.

(And building your own list of leads!)
Then started a long process where the database for Dons system had to be rebuilt, to handle even millions of users / leads etc.

This because Don had a bad turn with his first developer, so it had to be redone. Coding takes a lot of time, so for the next 2 years almost (2014 – 2015/16) I was a BETA tester for Don and by the end of the “building period” I even got status as one of the Founders of the system.

PS : You can read more about it on the Q-Network page !

The Turning Point!

Success Strikes.

In late 2016 I joined a Asset management company using Dons(Our) system as the marketing foundation.
Starting late 2016 and through july/august 2017 all the work started to pay of, and we ended up earning $106 357 through that period of time!

Our best month of that period we earned $ 20 292…

(It can all be verified if needed)
I am in no way telling you this to brag, but to show what is possible with the right automated systems in place and proper action!
As for the rest of this success story, the Asset management company stopped paying out without any notice in late 2017 (august) and went bankrupt shortly after.


After working hard for a long time, I finally decided to take a long break from this online venture and come up for some air.
Through this (a little too long) break, Don has kept evolving our system so it is now even sharper today as when I first had success with it.


Soo, finally after a couple of years I am ready and VERY motivated to take this to the next level and now I know how to make it last through the rest of my career!
Why? Because you now can earn a significant income from Q-Network itself, in addition to the service, product or system you attach it to! It`s a Win – Win …

Even More Important ; We Can Help YOU Get Results Like
We Have! Imagine Earning $106 000 Within One Year...
It Gives You The Freedom To Do Pretty Much What You
Desire. Freedom To Live On Your Own Terms, Not Others!

Don also happen to know Jeremy Miner, one of the worlds best sales coaches, so we got a killer deal with Jeremy!

Exclusive only to our Network 🙂

So, as a final note:
This is a system that could easily replace your job, if you take proper action of course…
If this sounds interesting to you and you want to learn more about it, just Click “Learn More” below here or contact me one way or the other.
I will help you get started and maybe we become partners here 🙂
So long, Jørn…


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